Driveway maintenance

Annual upkeep of your driveway can avoid costly driveway repair work and increase the lifespan of the driveway. And just by a simple clean, the driveway can continue to look great all year round.

Segmental paved driveway maintenance
Whichever way you choose to clean your segmental driveway, by broom, hose or pressure wash, the most important follow up step is to replace the gap sand between the pavers.
Gap sand is a silicone based sand which expands just a little with water. This helps to prevent moisture going underneath the paving, weeds growing and paver movement. If replacing one or two pavers, simply pull up the paver in question, re level the paving sand bedding, replace pavers and sweep over with gap sand.

Rigid paved driveway maintenance
If cracks appear in the grout between your pavers, its ideal to replace that small section before it becomes a bigger issue.
If cracks appear in the expansion joints or polyurethane joints, again its best to repair /replace before it becomes a bigger issue.
The only issues that will arise form rigid paving is if water gets between the paver and the mortar bedding layer or the mortar bedding layer and concrete slab. If water does penetrate and it freezes over winter, and a vehicle drives over the top, the movement will cause the neighboring paver to move and so on. Once clean and dry, pavers can be resealed with a clear sealer.

Concrete driveway maintenance
Once clean and dry, concrete can be re sealed with a cler or coloured sealer. If cracks start to appear in your concrete driveway or you get some uplift with tree roots, the section needs to be cut out and replaced.

A small effort in maintaining your driveway can save you money in the long run. Its much more cost effective to repair small sections before the damage grows and gets out of hand.