Landscapers Canberra is a Local Landscaping Business.

Landscapers Canberra

Landscapers Canberra is a local Landscaping business, servicing the ACT in all areas of Landscape construction including paving, landscaping, driveways, turf, excavation, Lawn Mowing, Garden Maintenance and green waste removal. We operate with the intentions to provide professional, courteous, and complete landscaping service to residences in the Canberra Region. Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra.

Landscapers Canberra – Services :

  •                         Landscaping.
  •                         Retaining Walls.
  •                         Paving and Concrete.
  •                         Pool Coping and Swimming pool Paving.
  •                         Irrigation.
  •                         Excavation.
  •                         Drainage and Stormwater.
  •                         Ponds and water Features.
  •                         Softscapes.

Landscapers Canberra Driveways Canberra :

  •                          Paved Driveways
  •                          225mm excavation and waste disposal.
  •                          125mm compacted road base and 20mm bedding sand,
  •                          80mm thick brick size paver, e.g. Unipave, Recycled Canberra red bricks.
  •                          Silicone based Gap sand swept over to fill and seal gaps.

Landscapers Canberra Turf Canberra :

  •                           Removal 100mm old grass and dirt.
  •                           Disposal of dirt and grass.
  •                           70mm new top soil.
  •                           Install Turf rolls of choice

JPB Group Canberra provides a range of services for your Landscaping and Gardening requirements.  Contact the JPB Group for Fencing, Retaining Walls, Paving, Excavation, Gardening, Maintenance and Landscaping.

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